Our Packaging & How To Recycle

At Made in Oldstead, being ecologically mindful is important to us. One way that we are championing this is through our packaging. Our aim is to constantly innovate the way we package our menus to ensure sustainability remains at the core of our ethos.

Modular Boxes and Menus                                      

Our menus and inner modular boxes are made from responsibly-sourced materials – they’re also 100% recyclable too.  

Woolcool Fleece Lining

To keep your food boxes nice and chilled on their journey from us to you, we insulate them with Woolcool lining – made from 100% sheep’s wool which is washed in a natural process and sealed in a recyclable polyethylene wrap.

When separated from the inner wool lining, the polyethylene wrap can be recycled for use in plastics manufacturing by replacing oil, which is a key contributor to air pollution. The wool lining, as well as being one of the most sustainable and abundant natural materials, is also completely biodegradable and compostable! It can be recycled around the home too – head to Woolcool’s #LetsBoxClever page for inspiration: https://www.woolcool.com/woolcool-recycling-ideas/. You can also return your Woolcool for free for them to clean, reprocess and make into new Woolcool to be used again. To return for FREE: https://www.collectplus.yodel.co.uk/woolcool/

Gel Packs

All our boxes contain frozen gel packs – this guarantees that the contents are kept cold for at least 48 hours while on their journey to you. All our gel packs are 100% recyclable, food safe and non-toxic.

The polymer gel balls on the inside of the gel pack can be disposed of as normal water waste – they are not harmful to the environment (e.g. down the drain). The outer film can be fully recycled as LDPE 4 – check with your Local Authority to see if it is recycled in your area.

Kraft Containers

We source our round, brown card containers from like-minded suppliers that champion compostable and environmentally sustainable food packaging.

Our PLA (plant starch) food containers are sustainable, renewable and compostable – and also 100% recyclable. The lids are fully recyclable too

Other containers and pots

The rest of our pots are made from fully plant-based material.

Cardboard Boxes

Our outer food boxes are made from corrugated board, which is one of the most environmentally-friendly packaging materials available. All waste created during the process of manufacturing the outer boxes is collected into an extraction and baler system. This produces bales of corrugated board which are then collected and processed to be made into corrugated board again.

Not only do they contain a minimum of 80% recycled material, our outer cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable too.

NatureFlex™ Bags

NatureFlex is a fully-compostable film made from wood pulp. Free-from genetically modified materials and sourced from managed locations, this film has excellent properties and is made from renewable, sustainable sources – an environmentally friendly choice. We currently use NatureFlex bagsfor the Haxby bread in our Signature Boxes, but you might occasionally spot them being used to wrap our fudges and truffles, amongst other things too.

Flexi-Hex Packaging 

Our Flexi-Hex packaging is not only made from 100% recycled materials, but is completely plastic-free with a minimal amount of printed surface. The PVA adhesive glue used to construct the Flexi-Hex boxes is non-toxic and under the right conditions will biodegrade within six weeks of disposal.

With environmental sustainability at the core, the Flexi-Hex packaging can be reused up to five times, as well as being fully recyclable. Flexi-Hex also carbon offset their emissions by working closely with the Mossy Earth company too. To find out more, click here.