Made in Oldstead BBQ Box

Made in Oldstead BBQ Box (for 2)


Made in Oldstead BBQ box serving two people, containing all the meat, sides dishes, condiments and dessert you need for the most epic BBQ – Tommy Banks style! Scroll down for the full menu.

*Price includes delivery*



Slow-Cooked Short Rib

Our succulent beef short rib has been brined for 7 days and slowly cooked for 12 hours, before being brushed in our black garlic and fermented honey glaze by you at home.

Black Garlic Glazed Beef Brisket

This beef brisket is beautifully tender meat, with soft fat that renders down during cooking so you’re left with a succulent and juicy piece of beef. We’ve brined and slow-cooked for 12 hours, and it’s then finished off on the grill in our black garlic glaze.

Croup Steak

A wonderful cut of beef from the rump. Sent raw and cooked by you, the croup steak is the perfect melt-in-the-mouth piece of meat.

Macerated Tomatoes
Charred Baby Gem Lettuce, Toasted Sunflower Seeds
White Cabbage Kimchi
Roasted Potatoes, Hay-Infused Oil
Shredded Pickled Cucumber

Beetroot BBQ Ketchup
Black Swan Garden Chimichurri
Oldstead Fermented Pepper Sweet Chilli Sauce
Minted Creme Fraiche

Strawberry and Elderflower Cheesecake

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accommodate any dietary requirements or menu alterations.

Please refrigerate the delivery as soon as possible.

Food box orders may be packaged and sent in more than one delivery. Food box sales are final, non-transferable and non-refundable.

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Friday 2nd July, Friday 9th July, Friday 16th July, Friday 23rd July, Friday 30th July

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