Buck Fizz Cocktail Set


Buck Fizz Cocktail Set



A sparkling tribute to the iconic drink, our Oldstead twist of the classic “Buck’s Fizz” is more than a witty wordplay.

Native to the English coastline, sea buckthorn’s potent, citrus-like flavour and vibrant orange colour has provided the ideal base for this complex marriage of ingredients. For us, the “Buck Fizz” has been a labour of love, nurturing our very own sea buckthorn plants in our kitchen garden for five years before finally producing our first yield of berries in the Autumn of 2020. The fragrant addition of sweet woodruff syrup and a meadowsweet tincture compliments the sea buckthorn liqueur, by providing a delicate sweetness and a lingering hint of almond to balance its bold intensity.

To finish, our “Buck Fizz” has been exclusively paired with our own edition of Charles Palmer sparkling wine, reminiscent of the classic drink itself.

Buck Fizz Mix

Oldstead Ingredients: Sea Buckthorn, Meadowsweet, Peach, Woodruff.

Please shake well before pouring. Refrigerate once opened. Use within 10 days.

Made naturally – May form sediment. 200ml 22% ABV

Black Swan Edition

Grapes: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

Region: Sussex, England

Vintage: 2013

1x 750ml  bottle – 12%ABV

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 17.80 × 8.80 × 8.80 cm